Savings Account

ISA Saver – Issue 1
ISA Saver Issue 1 and Barclays Cash ISA are cash ISAs
Jumbo Junior Fixed Deposit Account
Save on behalf of a child with the SBI UK Jumbo Junior Fixed Deposit Account, and they will receive a free Jumbo Junior Coin Bank.†
Jumbo Junior Instant Access Savings Account
Introduce a child to the habit of saving early with the SBI UK Jumbo Junior Instant Access Saving Account, and they will receive a free Jumbo Junior Coin Bank.†
Jumpstart Savers Account
Take control of your money with a Jumpstart Savers Account! Being responsible for your own money is one of the best things about getting older. That’s where the Jumpstart Savers Account comes in. It puts you in control of your money so you can ...
Junior Cash ISA
A simple way to build savings that will come of age with your child. Open with just £1 and because it's an ISA your child won't pay any tax on the interest they earn.
Junior Cash ISA
-At the age of 16 the child can assume management responsibility for the account -At the age of 18, the Junior ISA will transfer into an Adult ISA. Full ID will be required by the child before the transfer is made
Junior Cash ISAs (JISA)
-Julian Hodge Bank offers a variable rate Junior Cash ISA with a minimum opening balance of £500. Additional deposits can be made each tax year up to the Junior Cash ISA allowance. The annual limit for the 2013/14 tax year is £3,720.
Junior ISA
You can open a JiSA for any amount, from as little as £1. Simply complete a JiSA application form and take it to any Scottish Building Society branch or agency with your opening amount.
Junior Stocks & Shares ISA
Their Junior Stocks & Shares ISA is provided by Halifax Share Dealing Limited, with funds managed by Scottish Widows Unit Trust Managers Limited.
Junior Stocks and Shares ISA
A Junior Stocks and Shares ISA is a way of investing for your children in a tax-efficient fund, where you can invest up to £3,600 for this tax year. The funds in the account are in the name of your child - but they can't withdraw any funds until t...
Ladybird Account (Issue 4)
Your free Ladybird Moneybox is a good place to store your money. Then you can bring in your savings and let us look after them until you need them. Immediate access means that you can take your money out any time, and a competitive rate of interes...
Midas Gold
Midas Gold is an instant access savings account exclusively for customers over 50.
Monthly Saver
Save from £25 to £250 per month and enjoy instant access with a great fixed rate.
Monthly Saver
Looking to get into the savings habit? If you're a Bank of Scotland current account holder, the Monthly Saver could be the perfect option. Start saving from £25 to £250 each month, and get a fixed rate of interest for a year.
Saving for 7 to 17s: Treats, trips, games or your future – whatever you're saving for, keep your money safe in your own savings account.
New - Upfront Bond (123)
An exclusive offer for 123 Current Account or 123 Credit Card customers. To give you the chance to experience their highly rated Mobile Banking App, open a Upfront Bond (123) and receive a new iPad upfront, instead of an interest payment at the end.
No-Notice Savings
The easy to use instant access account.We know saving can be boring, but it's great to have a big umbrella for that rainy day.
Notice Account & Bonds
-Our notice accounts and bonds allow you to invest for the future with regular saving or lump sum investments. -Minimum investment and operating balance £100. Maximum investment and operating balance £1,000,000 (£2,000,000 for joint accounts), pl...