Savings Account

Royalties Saver
Royalties Saver is an exclusive savings account for customers with Royalties Gold or Royalties Private current accounts.
Savings Account
-The funds deposited on this account are available on demand and without penalty. -The account is ideal for savers who wish to have easy access to their money whether it be for the payment of a regular bill or for some unforeseen expense that w...
Savings Account Plus
Savings Account Plus is the easy way to save money and you have instant access to your account at any time by telephone or via the internet.
Savings accounts
-Save for 12 months with a fixed interest rate -Deposit from £2,000
Savings Accounts
-We pride ourselves in offering competitive savings and deposit accounts designed with the individual depositor in mind. We aim to offer an efficient but personalised service and to be on hand to answer any questions depositors or potential deposi...
Scotplus - 90 Day Notice
With £500 or more, you can open a Scotplus account, which offers attractive interest rates, and you enjoy even more interest on larger balances. Withdrawals are available if you give 90 days' notice or immediately if your remaining balance is £10,...
Scottish Widows ISA
A stocks and shares ISA provided by Scottish Widows Unit Trust Managers Limited Choose from a range of investment funds to make the most of your potentially tax-efficient ISA.
Scottish Widows OEIC
A collective investment provided by Scottish Widows Unit Trust Managers Limited Choose from a range of investment funds to meet your needs
Solicitors' Online Reserve Account [Issue 4]
Offering convenient online access, this account is a home for non-designated funds, this account offers easy access and an attractive interest rate.
Our Summit Savings Account is an instant access account. You can access your funds via any of our wide network of branches across Northern Ireland, without having to give notice in advance. You also have the option to access your account by eBan...
Super Saving
PNBIL will be discontinuing sending all monthly savings account statements through post. Customers will receive saving account statement once in half year i.e. every Oct & Apr.
SuperSaver Savings Account
For convenience your SuperSaver Savings Account links to your ICICI Bank UK HomeVantage Current Account – so you can easily deposit and withdraw funds whenever you like. Earn an attractive interest rate of 1.75% AER (variable), with the flexibili...
Term Deposit
With our Term Deposit you can be sure of the return on your money. Put your money away for fixed terms from 6 months to up to 4 years and get interest paid, every month or once a year.
Treasury Reserve
Enjoy money market rates with Treasury Reserve What is the best place for your surplus funds? With an interest rate linked to London money market rates, a Treasury Reserve deposit account could be the ideal answer. This option is ideal if you’...
Trust Fund Deposit Account
The Trust Fund Deposit Account has been created with a wide range of formal trusts in mind. It’s a simple way to get more out of the funds you have whether you regularly have a high cash balance in your account, or whether the money is only there ...
Two Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA
Make the most out of your tax-free savings by moving your money to our fixed interest rate cash ISA savings account. It’s easy to open, and because it’s an ISA you won’t pay any income tax on the interest you earn.
V4 account (Issue 3)
V4 has a great rate of interest and lets you take out your money any time. Having savings to fall back on will give you the edge when you need to start spending. But as we all like to treat ourselves sometimes, we'll give you a £5 high street shop...
Variable Rate Cash ISA
Tax-free savings, flexible access: Make the most of your annual ISA allowance with their Variable Rate Cash ISA. Their rates of up to 2.75% AER (2.72% tax-free) variable include a bonus of 2% AER for new accounts for the first 12 months.