10 Most Popular Loans

Professional and Career Loan
If you take out a Professional and Career Development Loan while you're on a vocational course, the government will pay your interest while you study.
Graduate loan
Our graduate loans can help you get your finances back in order after graduating. As long as you have a Lloyds TSB Graduate Account and are a UK resident, you can apply for a graduate loan.
2-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgages
If you’re borrowing 75% or less of your home’s value, you can arrange your mortgage on an interest-only or repayment basis. If you want to borrow more than 75%, only repayment mortgages are available.
Commercial mortgage
Taking out a commercial mortgage is one way of maximising your business finance. Property can be a significant cost for many businesses so it is important to manage that investment wisely.
Business loans
Are you thinking about growing your business, or making a large equipment purchase? We have a range of loans to suit your business needs.
Graduate Loan
Completing your course and graduating is a great feeling. But unfortunately, the realities of student finance don't disappear overnight - which is why our Graduate Loan is designed to support you as you start your new life.
Graduate Loan
HSBC current account holders can receive a representative* 6.2% APR for Graduate Loans between £5,000 and £25,000. Their Graduate Loans are available exclusively to HSBC current account customers who are within 5 years of graduation.
Buy to Let Purchase Plan
Unlike a conventional mortgage where you borrow money from a lender which is then repaid with interest, the BTLPP uses the Islamic finance principles of co-ownership (Musharaka) with leasing (Ijara), where you and IBB buy the property as partners and you pay rent on IBB's share in the property.

10 Random Loans

Mortgages - Guarantor
High house prices are making it difficult for some people to buy the home they would like. However, one solution is to have a relative or friend to act as a Guarantor. Clearly this is a matter that requires very careful thought by all concerned and independent legal advice should be taken. With this type of mortgage...
Thinking about switching to a new deal
Coming to the end of your existing Halifax deal? Or perhaps you’re on the Halifax Standard Variable Rate and want the reassurance of a fixed rate. Whatever your situation they'll help you find the best deal for yourself.
Fixed rates
A fixed rate mortgage incorporates a fixed rate of interest for an initial agreed period; this means that your monthly mortgage payment will not change for that period.
Personal Loan
Their customers can receive a representative* 6.2% APR for Personal Loans between £7,000 and £15,000. Their Personal Loans are available exclusively to HSBC current account customers.
Residential buy to let mortgage
If you would like to grow your capital and rental income by extending your property portfolio then our residential buy to let mortgage could suit your needs.
Fixed rate mortgages
If you pay £1,000 or more into your current account with them each calendar month, or hold a Halifax Ultimate Reward Current Account, they will reward you with £150 cash back when you take out a new Halifax home mover mortgage, paid through your conveyancer at completion. This is just one of the offers available thr...
Base Rate Tracker
Our Base Rate Tracker mortgage tracks the Danske Bank Base Rate (UK) for the full term of the loan and any changes to this will be passed on to you immediately.