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Mortgages - Guarantor

High house prices are making it difficult for some people to buy the home they would like. However, one solution is to have a relative or friend to act as a Guarantor. Clearly this is a matter that requires very careful thought by all concerned and independent legal advice should be taken. With this type of mortgage the Guarantor will be responsible for the mortgage if the borrower does not make the required payments.
Loan Amount
Interest Rate
4.4% APR
Minimum loan:-£25,000
Maximum loan: -£1,000,000
Value of property:-Not less than £75,000
Max Loan to Value:-70% of the property value
Current variable rate:-From 4.19%
Overall cost for comparison:-4.4% APR
Leasehold:-Plus 0.15% to above rates
Ages:-Minimum 18 - no maximum
Income capacity: Based on affordability
Property location:-England and Wales
Repayment methods:-Repayment, interest-only, part & part
Administration Fee:-£25
Arrangement Fee:-Refer
Valuation Fee:-Refer
Legal Fee:-Refer
Deeds Release fee:-£50
Redemption fee: -£75
Available for new purchase:-Yes
Available for remortgage: -Yes
Early repayment charge:-For the first 3 years


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