10 Most Popular Accounts

HSBC Passport
-The easy way to bank in the UK New to the UK or thinking of coming here to work or study? They'll provide all your everyday banking services - and help you settle in faster - for just £8 a month on an initial 12-month contract which is renewable monthly afterwards.
Everyday Saver
Their Everyday Saver is a simple, easy access savings account, you can use hassle-free online, in branch or over the phone. Making it easy to manage your savings and access your cash in a way that suits you.
Personal Investment Plan
An investment plan with some life cover provided by St Andrew's Life Assurance plc, managed by Scottish Widows Unit Trust Managers Limited.
Everyday e-Saver Account
Savings couldn't be simpler than with our versatile Everyday e-Saver. Whether you're saving up for the latest gadget, a brand new wardrobe or just a rainy day, you can start saving from just £1, and you always have the option of instant, no-strings online access to your money whenever you like - making it perfect fo...
Advantage Saver
Exclusive to Silver, Gold, Platinum or Premier current account holders offering you instant access to your money. Variable interest rate includes a 12 month fixed bonus of 0.80%.
Rainbow Savings
Your children probably haven't thought about what life will be like at work, university or college - let alone how much it costs to buy a home. But although these big events seem like a lifetime away, the best time to start saving for your children's future is right now.
Student Account
When you are at university being in control of your finances should be as easy as possible. With books to buy, fees, travel costs and living expenses, juggling your finances should the last thing on your mind.
Reward Reserve
Earn extra savings rewards Got £2000 or more to save? Gain rewards if you limit your withdrawals and maintain a minimum balance of £2,000, knowing you can access your money if you really need it.
Child Trust Funds
Last year the Government announced that it was reducing and then stopping all government contributions to Child Trust Funds. The following information provides further details on the changes to CTFs and how these may affect you.

10 Random Accounts

US Dollar Bank Account
An account that offers the facility to hold US dollar currency and make instant transfers between this and other Cater Allen Bank Accounts linked to the same customer ID.
Two Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA
Make the most out of your tax-free savings by moving your money to our fixed interest rate cash ISA savings account. It’s easy to open, and because it’s an ISA you won’t pay any income tax on the interest you earn.
Fixed Rate Bond
If you don't need to dip in to your savings for a while, their Fixed Rate Bond could help you make the most of your money. With a range of terms available, and the choice of interest every month or once a year, you'll know exactly how much you'll get back - and when you'll get it.
Instant Access Savings Account, Issue 3 (for new customers only)
A Savings Account can be opened by a visit to any of our branches or by sending an application in the post.
Graduate Account
As a graduate you need an account that gives you the time to find your feet. Our Graduate Account offers an interest and fee-free tiered Planned Overdraft, low cost Graduate loan, Classic credit card (all subject to application and approval) and more
Junior ISA
The Government has introduced a child savings product called the Junior ISA, a tax-efficient savings account for children.
Danske Prestige Savings Account
Danske Prestige Savings Account is an internet and telephone based savings account only available to customers who have a Danske Prestige current account and who also have eBanking or 24 Hour Telephone Banking.
HomeVantage Current Account
This bank account is tailored to suit the needs of the Indian community living in the UK who may have family or friends in India.
young savers
If you are aged between 7 and 16 years of age, we have an account just for you. Whatever money you are saving, whether it is your pocket money or birthday money the Young Savers account enables you to save your money as little and as often as you wish and we will then add more money to it called interest. You may ...
2 Year Fixed Rate Bond - Issue 96
When you’re happy to invest your money for 2 years, you want a rate that can help your savings to grow. The Britannia 2 Year Fixed Rate Bond could be for you. Simply invest at least £1,000 in the 2 Year Fixed Rate Bond and you’ll secure a fixed interest rate. And that’s not the only benefit on offer. With this ac...