10 Most Popular Accounts

HSBC Passport
-The easy way to bank in the UK New to the UK or thinking of coming here to work or study? They'll provide all your everyday banking services - and help you settle in faster - for just £8 a month on an initial 12-month contract which is renewable monthly afterwards.
Personal Investment Plan
An investment plan with some life cover provided by St Andrew's Life Assurance plc, managed by Scottish Widows Unit Trust Managers Limited.
Everyday e-Saver Account
Savings couldn't be simpler than with our versatile Everyday e-Saver. Whether you're saving up for the latest gadget, a brand new wardrobe or just a rainy day, you can start saving from just £1, and you always have the option of instant, no-strings online access to your money whenever you like - making it perfect fo...
Advantage Saver
Exclusive to Silver, Gold, Platinum or Premier current account holders offering you instant access to your money. Variable interest rate includes a 12 month fixed bonus of 0.80%.
Everyday Saver
Their Everyday Saver is a simple, easy access savings account, you can use hassle-free online, in branch or over the phone. Making it easy to manage your savings and access your cash in a way that suits you.
eSaver (Issue 11)
An online savings account with instant, penalty-free access 24 hours day.
Britannia Select Access Saver 3
Only one account can be opened per person. A new account cannot be opened within the same calendar year of closing one. Minimum age to open the account is 16, and you must be a UK resident.
Derbyshire NetSaver Issue 11
Grow your savings with the Derbyshire NetSaver, a convenient way to help make the most of your cash. Our online account offers easy access to your savings with a competitive rate of interest to help you make more from your money.
Reward Reserve
Earn extra savings rewards Got £2000 or more to save? Gain rewards if you limit your withdrawals and maintain a minimum balance of £2,000, knowing you can access your money if you really need it.

10 Random Accounts

Sterling Business Tracker Account
An unrestricted, no-notice business savings account combining easy access to your money with an interest rate that tracks the Bank of England Base Rate. -Tiered interest rates that track the Bank of England Base Rate -Interest paid monthly -Available to customers with a turnover of over £1 million.
Student Current Account
Get a Student Current Account and make money worries the last thing you want when you're a student.
15 Month Fixed Rate Bond
An exclusive new offer for our 123 Current Account or 123 Credit Card customers. Why choose a 15 Month Fixed Rate Bond?
Virgin Fixed Rate Bond Issue 53
Our Virgin Fixed Rate Bond offers a fixed rate of interest so you know exactly how much you’ll earn during the fixed term.
Escalator Instant
Our ESCALATOR INSTANT account pays attractive rates of interest and gives you instant penalty free access to your money. The interest rates are tiered, so as your savings rise the whole of your balance will normally earn interest at a higher rate. You can open an account with just £100.
Basic Bank Account
A refreshingly simple and transparent bank account that’s open to everyone regardless of credit history. To open our bank account you need to be a UK resident aged 18 or over and pass satisfactory identity and residency checks. This makes our basic bank account ideal for people who may have struggled to get a bank a...
CashBuilder Card
An instant access account with cash card. The minimum opening balance is £100. Minimum age 11.
Notice Account & Bonds
-Our notice accounts and bonds allow you to invest for the future with regular saving or lump sum investments. -Minimum investment and operating balance £100. Maximum investment and operating balance £1,000,000 (£2,000,000 for joint accounts), plus accrued interest credited to the account.
Regular Savings
A flexible, instant access regular savings account, managed via LINK cash machines or online, that lets you save up to £1,000 a month. Minimum age 11.