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Rainbow Savings

Your children probably haven't thought about what life will be like at work, university or college - let alone how much it costs to buy a home. But although these big events seem like a lifetime away, the best time to start saving for your children's future is right now.
-Don't pay tax- we can pay interest gross if you complete an R85 form
Earn interest- so your child's nest egg will grow
-Save when you like- if you'd like to make a regular contribution, you can set up a Standing Order. Or you just pay in what you want, when you want.
-Free money box- help your child start the savings habit
-Instant access- you can withdraw funds when your child needs them.
-Stay in control- you get a savings passbook in your name. When you decide the time is right, we simply transfer this to your child.
-Interest is calculated on the minimum monthly balance in the account, and is added annually in October.Interest rates are variable
Interest Rate
Current savings rates:
-AER 0.50%
-Gross Rate % p.a. 0.50%
-Net Rate % p.a. 0.40%
Interest is paid gross or net of the lower rate of Income Tax depending on your tax position.

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