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Basic Account
This account has no cheque book or overdraft. It allows you to withdraw up to £300 a day from any NatWest, RBS or Ulster Bank cash machine in the UK (Remember, cash machines in many supermarkets including Tesco and Morrisons are NatWest & RBS branded), or at any UK Post Office counter.
Black Account
You can apply for a Black Account if you earn at least £100,000, or £150,000 joint annual income for a joint account, or have savings of at least £50,000 with them.
Cash Club Account
Saving is fun. And it's even better when you get a secret money box, savings graph and a place to keep track of your money.
Graduate Royalties
They hope that the next few years bring you great new opportunities, and whatever path you choose to take, we’re here to help every step of the way. Your Graduate Royalties account comes with a range of features and benefits that should come in very handy, whether you’re just starting a new job, moving away, goin...
Instant Access Savings Account
This could be the perfect account if you want to start saving. It's simple to use - and with our 'monthly sweep' you can make use of any spare cash in your current account.
Instant Savings Tracker
With Instant Savings Tracker, your interest rate is guaranteed not to go lower than a set percentage below the Bank of England base rate until 3 August 2011.
Rainbow Savings
Your children probably haven't thought about what life will be like at work, university or college - let alone how much it costs to buy a home. But although these big events seem like a lifetime away, the best time to start saving for your children's future is right now.
Royalties Gold
Benefits that could save you money and hassle: -Mobile phone insurance - includes smartphones -Green Flag car breakdown cover - even on your driveway -Annual world wide travel insurance - includes winter sports. Members and joint account holders aged 70 years and over must pay an additional annual premium o...
Royalties Saver
Royalties Saver is an exclusive savings account for customers with Royalties Gold or Royalties Private current accounts.
Select Account
An everyday current account, plus access to our Private Banking service. -Dedicated service from your Private Banking Team -Private Banking debit card and chequebook -Award-winning online banking - Your Money Direct award for -Best Online Banking Provider 2010 -Text alerts - helping you keep on top of your f...
Select Silver Account
Save money on things you may already spend on -European Travel Insurance – Members and joint account holders aged -70 years and over must pay an annual premium of £50 -Mobile Phone Insurance – including iPhone -Five music downloads every month from hmvdigital -Three DVD rentals every month from LOVEFiLM
Student current account
The basics of their student current account are the same wherever you live in the UK. However, it's good to choose a branch near your university. That way it's easy to pop in or arrange a chat about your finances. The interest-free overdraft and mobile phone banking are just part of the story. But as a first year u...