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Student current account

The basics of their student current account are the same wherever you live in the UK. However, it's good to choose a branch near your university. That way it's easy to pop in or arrange a chat about your finances.
The interest-free overdraft and mobile phone banking are just part of the story. But as a first year undergraduate you'll get even more from your student bank account.

The Student Royalties account must be your main bank account receiving regular deposits. To be eligible for the Interest free overdraft you must use your Student Royalties Account as your main current account by depositing at least £750 every 6 months and making at least 3 debit transactions every month. If at any time you stop using your account as your main current account then the interest rate you pay on your arranged overdraft will revert to the standard rate which applies to the Select Account.
-Interest-free overdraft - up to £1,000 in your first year
-Mobile phone banking - your account in the palm of your hand
-Online and telephone banking - 24 hours a day
-Free day-to-day banking - the way it should be
-Chequebook available - when cash or cards aren't convenient
-Shop the easy way - with your debit card
0Student Credit Card - a credit limit up to £500
Interest Rate


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