Savings Account

5 Year Fixed Rate Bond - Issue 8
Lock up your money for 5 years and we’ll guarantee the rate. We guarantee to pay this rate for the full 5 years of the fixed rate bond. If you don’t need to dip into your investment, then you can earn 3.00% GROSS, 3.00% AER, 2.40% NET over the nex...
"Fixed rate bonds" or as they are also called "Fixed Term Bonds", are a form of savings account offering a fixed rate of interest to savers who commit their funds for a fixed term. The bonds can be fixed for a variety of terms and many banks and b...
95 Day Notice Personal Savings Account - Issue 9
Agree to 95 days notice, and we’ll pay you 1.80% AER. It’s a straightforward idea. If you agree to give us 95 days notice, then we’ll pay you 1.80% GROSS, 1.80% AER, 1.44% NET. The interest rate is variable and may be altered in accordance wi...
Access Saver
Their Access Saver is an instant access variable rate savings account, quick to open and hassle-free to use. Making it easy to manage your savings and access your money in a way that's convenient for you.
Active Saver Account
A straightforward savings account linked to Bank of England Base Rate and offering unlimited access to funds.
Advantage Private Reserve
With a savings rate only available to Black Account customers. Black Account costs £24 per month. As a Black Account customer, you enjoy a host of benefits tailored especially to you - including our best standard interest rate. You’ll also earn ...
Advantage Saver
Exclusive to Silver, Gold, Platinum or Premier current account holders offering you instant access to your money. Variable interest rate includes a 12 month fixed bonus of 0.80%.
Affinity Accounts
The account that lets you support a favourite charity every year. Diabetes Scotland, Variety Club of Scotland, Bethesda Hospice (Stornoway).
Base Rate Reward Savings Account
A straightforward savings account that pays Bank of England Base Rate in any month where you don’t make a withdrawal.
Branch Saver (Issue 2)
Branch Saver Issue 2 encourages you to save for the future by rewarding you for leaving your money untouched. You can apply by calling 0800 587 6738 or by visiting your local Santander branch.
Business Base Rate Tracker
This business savings account is the smarter solution if you're looking to combine instant access with guaranteed interest on your savings. Interest rates are linked to the Bank of England Base Rate - and the more you save, the more you'll earn.
Business e-saver Account [Issue 4]
Saffron's first online account exclusively for businesses, its ease of operation means we can pass on a great savings rate. This account comes with the added extra of your own experienced Business Manager, who will be available to answer questi...
Business easy savings
At the melton we have a wide range of savings accounts which we feel sure will meet your needs.
Business Saver Account
A really convenient business saving account if your turnover is £1 million or less.
Cash e-ISA
Tax-free interest on online savings: Open an account in minutes and watch your savings grow with variable tiered interest rates of up to 2.75% AER (2.72% tax-free) variable. The Cash e-ISA is exclusively for HSBC current account customers.
Cash ISA
Tax free savings, take advantage of your tax-free savings allowance with our Cash ISA
Cash ISA
Anyone who is resident in the UK for tax purposes can do so. You must be 16 or over to hold a Cash ISA - or 18 or over to hold a Stocks & Shares ISA. ISAs can’t be held in joint names - but couples can each hold an ISA separately in their ow...
Cash ISA
Why pay tax on your savings, when you don’t have to? Stop the taxman taking his slice and sort yourself out with a cash ISA. It’s that simple. In this tax year, 2013/14, you can save up to £5,760 in a cash ISA.
Cash ISA
Earn tax free interest of up to 2.00% AER (variable) on balances of at least £50,000. Other rates available for lower balances.