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Cash ISA

Anyone who is resident in the UK for tax purposes can
do so. You must be 16 or over to hold a Cash ISA - or 18
or over to hold a Stocks & Shares ISA. ISAs can’t be held
in joint names - but couples can each hold an ISA separately
in their own name.
Interest Rate
Interest annually
£30,000 and over 1.80% AER
£27,000 - £29,999 1.70% AER
£24,000 - £26,999 1.60% AER
£21,000 - £23,999 1.50% AER
£1 - £20,999 1.40% AER

Interest monthly
£30,000 and over 1.80% AER
£27,000 - £29,999 1.70% AER
£24,000 - £
Minimum Balance
Age must 16 or over and UK resident.
We will pay you tax-free interest on your Cash ISA balance in accordance with the rates shown on our Savings Interest Rates leaflet. Interest is calculated from the day after the Society receives your cash or cheque until the date of withdrawal and the amount of interest is calculated on the daily balance. If you opt for annual interest, this will be added to your account on 31 March each year. Or, if you prefer, the interest can be transferred to another Scottish Building Society account or paid to your bank. If you choose to receive your interest monthly, the interest will be paid to your bank at the end of each month - or you can choose to have it transferred to another account with the Society.


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