Savings Account

One Year Fixed Term, Fixed Rate Bond
A fixed interest rate bond that gives you the peace of mind that the interest rate is fixed for a year.
One Year Fixed Term, Fixed Rate Cash ISA
Our One Year Fixed Term Fixed Rate Cash ISA allows transfers in from other ISA providers to help you get the most from your tax-free savings.
One Year Fixed Term, Fixed Rate Members' Bond
Our one year bond interest rate exclusively for Saffron members and their families.
One Year Fixed Term, Fixed Rate Members' Cash ISA
Exclusively for Saffron members and their families. Allows transfers in from other ISA providers.
One Year Fixed Term, Tracker Corporate Bond
Available to existing Saffron customers, our One Year Fixed Term, Tracker Corporate Bond is a high interest rate bond that tracks up to 1.00% above the Bank of England base rate for one year.
Online Bonus Saver
Get bonus interest for saving: Enjoy a variable rate of 0.75% AER/gross with an Online Bonus Saver account in months when you don’t make a withdrawal – and if you do make a withdrawal, you’ll still receive 0.25% AER/gross.
Online Saver
An online savings account that gives you easy access to your money, and the flexibility of unlimited withdrawals and deposits.
Personal Investment Plan
An investment plan with some life cover provided by St Andrew's Life Assurance plc, managed by Scottish Widows Unit Trust Managers Limited.
Personal Notice Account 95
The Cater Allen Personal Notice Account 95 is an excellent choice for clients looking to grow their capital without losing out on access.
Premium Return
Our Premium Return savings product is designed for the saver aged 50 years and over who requires the flexibility of instant access. It has a tiered interest rate - save more and earn a higher rate of interest.
Private Banking Savings Account
Earn a higher return as a Private Banking customer Exceptional service is only part of Private Banking’s appeal. Attractive interest rates complete the picture.
Rainbow Savings
Your children probably haven't thought about what life will be like at work, university or college - let alone how much it costs to buy a home. But although these big events seem like a lifetime away, the best time to start saving for your childre...
Regular Saver
Grow your money with monthly payments: Put money aside each month and watch your balance grow with an HSBC Regular Saver. You can save up to £3000 at a great interest rate that's fixed for 12 months - either 6% or 8% AER/gross.
Regular Saver
Looking to get into the savings habit? Saving for something special? Their Regular Saver could be the perfect option. Start saving from £25 to £250 each month, and get a fixed rate of interest for a year.
Retirement Account
Like other personal pension plans, the Retirement Account is a way of saving for your future whilst receiving favourable tax treatment. However, unlike others, this plan helps you to save for retirement during your Retirement Planning and gives yo...
Reward Cash ISA (Issue 4)
Reward Cash ISA works on the principle that you should be rewarded for leaving your savings untouched. It's a 'well done' for managing your money effectively, but with the reassurance that you can access whenever you need it.
Reward Saver
A savings account exclusively for their qualifying current account customers that rewards them with a great interest rate of 2.50% gross/AER variable.
Right Start Saver
A choice of an easy access and flexible sustainable savings accounts.