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Scotplus - 90 Day Notice

With £500 or more, you can open a Scotplus account, which offers attractive interest rates, and you enjoy even more interest on larger balances. Withdrawals are available if you give 90 days' notice or immediately if your remaining balance is £10,000 or more.
Interest Rate
90 days' notice/penalty
£200,000 and over 1.25% AER

Interest annually
£100,000 - £199,999 1.05% AER
£50,000 - £99,999 0.85% AER
£25,000 - £49,999 0.65% AER
£500 - £24,999 0.55% AER
Interest paid annually on 31st March
Minimum opening balance £500
Instant access when £10,000 remains in your account
For smaller balances, withdrawals are subject to 90 days' notice (or 90 days' loss of interest on the amount withdrawn)
Your interest rises through several rate bands - as your investment grows, you automatically earn more interest
Interest paid annually on 31st March
If your balance falls below £500, you will receive interest at the rate applicable to Scotline accounts.


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