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Savings Accounts

-We pride ourselves in offering competitive savings and deposit accounts designed with the individual depositor in mind. We aim to offer an efficient but personalised service and to be on hand to answer any questions depositors or potential depositors may have about any aspect of the savings products.

-Availability: The savings products are only available to individuals permanently resident in the UK.
Identification: The Bank aims to keep the frustration of burdensome administration to a minimum and therefore, identity will usually be verified by independent electronic means. As a result, documentary verification will not normally be required prior to the opening of a new account. However, in certain circumstances, the production of supplementary documentary evidence may be necessary.
-Account Operation: All of our savings accounts offer postal access only. As soon as a new deposit account has been opened, the necessary stationery will be sent out to assist the operation of the account.
-For detailed Terms and Conditions covering all our savings products click on the links below.
Retail Deposit Accounts Terms and Conditions
Savings Accounts closed to new depositors:
Three Month Notice Account (Issue 2).
Three Month Notice (Issue 1) Deposit Account
Four Month Notice (Variable Rate) Deposit Account (December 2012)
Six Month Notice (Variable Rate) Deposit Account (Sept 2012)
Twelve Month Notice (Variable Rate) Deposit Account (March 2013)


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