Savings Account

Flexible Saver for Kids
Give your child's savings a boost with a variable rate of 0.40% gross/AER: Because it's made for children, this is a great account for you to start introducing your children to the importance of savings.
Foxley Fund
-Savings Accounts for our next generation of savers! -Saving can start from the moment a child is born with a Foxley Fund and/or a Young Chorleian Account.
Goal Saver Account (Issue 8)
Goal Saver is designed to get you saving for something special - whether it's a new car, university fees or a first home, this account helps you lay out when you need to reach your goal, what you already have to contribute, and what you can save e...
High Interest Savings Account  for Children
Start saving for a child’s future: A simple way to set money aside so you can lend a hand later on. Save however suits you, and earn interest on the money.
HSBC Premier Savings
Preferential treatment for your savings: As an HSBC Premier customer, you can enjoy preferential interest and instant access with HSBC Premier Savings.
Incomeplus - Monthly Income
If you would like to receive interest monthly, and have £3,000 or more to invest, Scottish Building Society offers Incomeplus.
Instant Access Savings Account
This could be the perfect account if you want to start saving. It's simple to use - and with our 'monthly sweep' you can make use of any spare cash in your current account.
Instant Access Savings Account
Choose to save the way that suits you best. You can deposit your money quickly and easily:
Instant Access Savings Account, Issue 3 (for new customers only)
A Savings Account can be opened by a visit to any of our branches or by sending an application in the post.
Instant Savings
-Cumberland offer competitive interest rates helping you make the most of your money -our range of accounts offer different features and interest rates depending on the amount of money you have in each and the type of access you need to your mone...
Instant Savings Tracker
With Instant Savings Tracker, your interest rate is guaranteed not to go lower than a set percentage below the Bank of England base rate until 3 August 2011.
International Personal Savings Account
Savings in your choice of currency: Flexible currency savings at HSBC are easy to manage alongside your other accounts.They offer Instant access and Fixed term deposits.
Internet Saver
Their web exclusive Internet Saver is a straightforward savings account that gives you the speed and convenience of online access to your money, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Internet Saver Account
You'll be able to access your savings account seven days a week online. No sitting in call queues or waiting for the bank to open...
Investment Account
A flexible access account that is designed to be suitable for a client's short term savings
Investment Share
Our Investment Share savings product is a flexible savings account which gives you instant access to your money. It has a tiered interest rate - save more and earn a higher rate of interest.
ISA Saver Variable
Simple tax free account with access online, by phone or in branch