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Monthly Saver

Save from £25 to £250 per month and enjoy instant access with a great fixed rate.
-Get an interest rate of 2.00% AER/Gross fixed for a year.
-The interest is paid on maturity. View interest rates.
-Instant access to your money with no withdrawal charges.
-Make as many withdrawals as you like to your Lloyds TSB current account, although you can only pay in once a month by standing order and cannot replace what you’ve withdrawn.
-The convenience of seeing your balance online and changing your standing order any time you like if you have Internet Banking.
-Carry on saving - at the end of the term your account will convert to an Easy Saver Account.
Interest Rate
1.60% gross/AER
-To have the Account you must be 16 or over and have a current account with us.
-You can only have one Account in either your sole name or held jointly.
-You must agree to set up a standing order into the Account for one payment of between £25 and £250


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