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Added Value Accounts
Our incredibly useful current accounts are full of benefits. Get more out of your current account with an Added Value Account which comes packed with useful benefits such as AXA Travel Insurance, AA Breakdown Cover, Mobile Phone Insurance and ID aware. All of this is available through one account and with just o...
Advantage Saver
Exclusive to Silver, Gold, Platinum or Premier current account holders offering you instant access to your money. Variable interest rate includes a 12 month fixed bonus of 0.80%.
Business Account for start-ups
We understand how daunting starting your own business can be, that's why we'll give you a named manager to support you, a range of free guidance services to get you off on the right foot, and 18 months free* day-to-day banking; so you can spend less time worrying about your banking and more time building your business.
Cash Account
Our Cash Account is a basic banking account that offers free everyday banking for customers who may not qualify for our Classic Account. You get all our standard features without access to planned overdrafts, loans, cheque books and can only withdraw money from any Lloyds TSB Cashpoint® machine, Lloyds TSB or Post O...
Cash ISA Saver
Get instant access to your money, for those unexpected rainy days. Open today with just £1 and because it’s a Cash ISA Saver, you won’t pay any tax on the interest you earn.
Child Trust Funds
Last year the Government announced that it was reducing and then stopping all government contributions to Child Trust Funds. The following information provides further details on the changes to CTFs and how these may affect you.
Classic Account
Our Classic Account will give you all you need to make everyday banking easier. It comes packed with great features to help you make the most of your money. Manage your money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Clients' Call Account
Suitable for any professional practice or other business that holds money for its clients, for example: solicitors, accountants, insurance brokers, estate and managing agents.
Credit Union accounts
They recognise that credit unions play an important part in local communities, particularly in providing a springboard for people to move into the use of mainstream banking. That's why we have designed a package of banking services specifically for community credit unions. Cash deposits are credited the same day ...
Designated Clients' Account
This account enables you to hold your clients' individual funds in separate accounts. It's suitable for any professional practice or other businesses that hold clients' money, for example: solicitors, accountants, insurance brokers, estate and managing agents.
Easy Saver
Open online with just £1 and enjoy easy access through our ATM network with our optional cashpoint® card.
eSavings Account
If you’re registered for Internet Banking, you can open online in moments with just £1 and enjoy easy access through Internet Banking.
Gold Account
Get great benefits such as Worldwide travel insurance, AA breakdown cover, mobile phone insurance and much more with your current account. All of this is available through one account and with just one phone number to access all your benefits, making it really easy to manage. After paying the monthly fee of £12.95,...
Graduate Account
As a graduate you need an account that gives you the time to find your feet. Our Graduate Account offers an interest and fee-free tiered Planned Overdraft, low cost Graduate loan, Classic credit card (all subject to application and approval) and more
India Banking Service
We work with ICICI Bank, India's second largest bank, to help you manage your money in the UK and India. All you need is a nominated and eligible Lloyds TSB current account and an ICICI Bank Non-Resident External (NRE) savings account. You can open both accounts at any Lloyds TSB branch.
Islamic Account
Following the guidance of Islam is an important part of everyday life. So we've made it an important part of everyday banking.
Islamic Business Bank Account
Opening an Islamic Business Account gives you the confidence that you can manage your banking in a Shariah approved way, while getting the advantages you would expect from Lloyds TSB.
Islamic Student Account
We appreciate that following the requirements of your faith is important to you and offer a Shariah approved Islamic Student account so you can benefit from a great package of benefits and services plus the promise that your money is managed in a way that reflects your faith.
Joint accounts
A joint account is simply an account in the name of two or more people. You can either convert your existing account into a joint account by adding another person to it, or open a new account in two people’s names.
Junior Cash ISA
A simple way to build savings that will come of age with your child. Open with just £1 and because it's an ISA your child won't pay any tax on the interest they earn.
Monthly Saver
Save from £25 to £250 per month and enjoy instant access with a great fixed rate.
Platinum Account
With AA breakdown cover, Mobile phone insurance, Worldwide Travel insurance (with either Family or winter sports cover) and preferential charges when using your VISA debit card abroad our platinum account is perfect all year round. Upgrade or apply today and get Platinum for just £12.95 a month for the first two fu...
Premier Account
The Premier Account is the very best current account that we offer and includes a wide range of benefits worth up to £1,144 a year for a monthly fee of £25.
School & Academy Banking Account
At Lloyds TSB we've developed the School Banking Account. Whether you are a Cheque Book School, Academy School or Free School we offer you free day to day banking supported by a local relationship manager specialising in Education.
Select account
The Select account is no longer available for new customers. The price of a Select Account for existing customers is £8.95 a month.
Silver Account
Perfect for the European traveller Get great benefits such as European travel insurance, AA breakdown cover, mobile phone insurance and much more with your current account. After paying the monthly fee of £9.95, you could make savings of up to £155 each year.
Student Account
We understand that starting university or college can be both an exciting and challenging time. That’s why our Student Account is packed with everything you need to help you make the most of your time at university. From an interest and fee-free tiered Planned Overdraft of up to £1,500 (subject to application and ap...
Switch business bank accounts to Lloyds TSB
Moving your account to Lloyds TSB is much easier than you would expect. We understand how daunting changing banks can be. Even if you are unhappy with your current bank, you may not want the added hassle of switching. That’s why we’ll give you a named contact within a team dedicated to managing your change over, lea...
Term Deposit
With our Term Deposit you can be sure of the return on your money. Put your money away for fixed terms from 6 months to up to 4 years and get interest paid, every month or once a year.
Tracker Bond
Turbocharge your savings and stay ahead of the base rate. Get a great variable interest rate that tracks a fixed amount above the Bank of England base rate for 18 months. So if the base rate changes, your Tracker Bond interest rate changes as well.
Two Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA
Make the most out of your tax-free savings by moving your money to our fixed interest rate cash ISA savings account. It’s easy to open, and because it’s an ISA you won’t pay any income tax on the interest you earn.
Under 19s account
If you’re between 11 and 18 years old, we’ve made it easy for you to make the most of your money. Our Under 19s account offers you the choice of a Visa debit card or a Cashpoint® card and has a range of great extra benefits for you.
Young Savers account
Children need no lessons in how to spend money, but with a Young Savers account they can learn how to save it too.