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Cash ISA Saver

Get instant access to your money, for those unexpected rainy days. Open today with just £1 and because it’s a Cash ISA Saver, you won’t pay any tax on the interest you earn.
-Earn a variable rate of 2.35% Tax free/AER. View Cash ISA Saver interest rates.
-The rate includes a fixed introductory bonus of 1.35% for the first 12 months from account opening.
-You can save £5,340 in this tax year (ends 5th April 2012).
-Make withdrawals from as little as £1. Once you've paid in your full year's cash ISA allowance, you can't replace any money you've withdrawn.
-Manage your Cash ISA Saver through Internet Banking if you’re registered.
-Find out more about how the account works.
Interest Rate
Accounts that are opened will receive a variable interest rate of 2.35% for 12 months, including 1.35% bonus rate from the date of the account opening.

After 12 months, your interest rate will change to the Cash ISA Saver - off bonus rate.
You can apply for a cash ISA today if you are:

-16 years or older.
-Resident and ordinarily resident in the UK.


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