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Premier Account

The Premier Account is the very best current account that we offer and includes a wide range of benefits worth up to £1,144 a year for a monthly fee of £25.
- AXA Worldwide and UK Travel Insurance worth up to £460 a year - for 62 days per trip with both Family and Winter sports cover.
- AA Breakdown Cover worth up to £212 a year - including Roadside Assistance, Home Start, Relay and Stay Mobile.
- Mobile Phone Insurance from LSG worth up to £166 a year - worldwide cover for 2 handsets for loss, theft, accidental damage, breakdown and unauthorised calls.
- Home Emergency Cover from RSA and Home serve worth up to £100 a year - fast professional help for household emergencies.
-ID Aware worth up to £83 a year - helps you manage and monitor your credit profile and spot the early warning signs of identity theft.
- Save What Matters™ worth up to £20 a year - securely store the data on your mobile phone - including contacts and photos.
-This service is temporarily unavailable – more information.
£500 interest and fee-free planned overdraft*** (subject to application and approval).
-£10 overdraft buffer. No overdraft fees or interest to pay if you go overdrawn (either Planned or Unplanned) by £10 or less.
- Grace period if you go over your limit. You have until 3.30pm (UK Time) to pay in enough money to avoid any overdraft fees you may incur that day.
- Sentinel® Card Protection worth up to £20 a year - convenient cover for your credit, debit and store cards. One policy covers everyone in your household.
- A VISA debit card you can use in over 500,000 places in the UK and 18 million outlets worldwide.
- Preferential charges when you make purchases abroad using your Lloyds TSB Premier Visa debit card.
- Preferential share dealing.
- 24 hour banking with access to PhoneBank® on 0845 3 000 000, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.
- Get 3.00% AER variable (2.96% Gross) interest paid monthly for balances from £3,000 up to £5,000 on your Premier Account by adding Vantage to your account.
Interest Rate
With Vantage you get up to 3.00% AER variable (2.96% Gross) interest for balances from £3,000 to £5,000 paid monthly to supplement your income. All you need to do is stay in credit during the monthly billing period, and pay in at least £1,000, for example


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