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Young Savers account

Children need no lessons in how to spend money, but with a Young Savers account they can learn how to save it too.
-Earn a variable rate of 3.00 % AER from £1, and 0.50% AER on any funds over £20,000.
View Young Savers account interest rates.
-The child will receive a gift of a Stanley money box on account opening (subject to availability).
-You'll maintain full control of the childs account until they turn 16.
-Before the child's 16th birthday we'll write to you reminding you that the account will convert into an Easy Saver solely in the child's name. If you would prefer the money to be paid into a different account either for your child to manage themselves or for you to manage on their behalf, we'll let you know how to do this.
-You must have a Lloyds TSB current account in order to open a Young Saver.
-One Young Saver account per child.
-Register for Save the Change® and watch their savings grow even faster.
-Instant access through your local Lloyds TSB branch.
Interest Rate
Young Savers Account - Opened from 15th August 2011
Amount Invested Interest Paid Quarterly
AER % Gross % Net %
£0 - £20,000 3.00 2.97 2.38
anything over £20,000 0.50 0.50 0.40


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