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Junior ISA

You can open a JiSA for any amount, from as little as £1. Simply
complete a JiSA application form and take it to any Scottish Building
Society branch or agency with your opening amount.
Interest Rate
2.60% AER
A child is eligible for a JiSA if he or she is under 16 and is a UK resident.
Everyone likes to think they are doing the best for
their kids. Here at the Scottish Building Society we
can help you with that, by providing a Junior ISA
offering you the opportunity to save up to £3,720*
for each child per tax year.
This will provide your child with a lump sum when he
or she reaches the age of 18.
Your child may decide to continue saving or invest
in another account. Of course, the money may be
handy for further education, a first car or even as a
deposit on a new home.
The main attraction of a JiSA is that savings are
automatically free of income tax and capital gains
tax. However it should be noted that this account
is only available to children who do not have a Child
Trust Fund.
An application for a JiSA can be made by a person
aged 16 or over who is the parent or legal guardian
of an eligible child.
You can save by depositing a lump sum, or in
amounts that suit you up to the annual savings
limits. Once the account is open, anyone can make
payments into the JiSA – but any money paid in is
an irrevocable gift to the child.
The funds cannot be withdrawn before the child’s
18th birthday, so even if your circumstances change,
you will not be able to access the money that has
been invested in the JiSA.


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