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Ladybird Account (Issue 4)

Your free Ladybird Moneybox is a good place to store your money. Then you can bring in your savings and let us look after them until you need them. Immediate access means that you can take your money out any time, and a competitive rate of interest will help your money grow quickly.
Interest Rate
£1 or over 1.50% AER
£10,000 or over 1.85% AER
£25,000 or over 2.25% AER
Minimum Balance
Open with just £1 by post or in one of our branches.
Deposit by cash, cheque or transfer from another bank or Society account.
Free Ladybird money box with every account opened.
Immediate access means you can use your savings whenever you like.
Your interest is paid annually on 31 December and credited directly to your account.
Access via one of our branches or by post.
Maximum deposit of £50,000.
Children under the age of seven must get an adult to act as a nominee or trustee, which makes this account ideal for parents, grandparents, friends or relatives to open on behalf of a child.
On your 12th birthday the account will roll over into a V4 account, unless you instruct us otherwise.
The interest rate is tiered, so the more you save, the higher the rate of interest.
Because children don't usually have to pay tax, we will normally be able to pay your interest gross. In order to do this you will need to complete an R85 form.
If your account falls below the minimum deposit amount, you will earn a fixed rate of 0.05% gross p.a./AER* whilst the account is below the minimum balance.


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