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Cash ISA 40 Day Notice
Our Cash ISA 40 Day Notice gives you the opportunity to potentially earn a higher rate of interest, without having to lock your money away for a long term.
Cash ISA Fixed Rate Bonds
With our limited offer, subject to availability, earn up to 2.20% tax free/AER until 27th May 2016. Available to existing customers only.
Cash ISA Instant Access
With a Cash ISA from Yorkshire Bank, you can earn a tax free rate with instant access. The Yorkshire Bank Cash ISA Instant Access is the easy way to earn more money on your savings, as none of your growth gets taxed, your savings could grow faster than if they were in an ordinary savings account.
Children’s savings accounts
It’s easy to help your child or grandchild get their first foot on the savings ladder – no matter how young they are.
Jumpstart Savers Account
Take control of your money with a Jumpstart Savers Account! Being responsible for your own money is one of the best things about getting older. That’s where the Jumpstart Savers Account comes in. It puts you in control of your money so you can save for the things you really want.
Savings accounts
-Save for 12 months with a fixed interest rate -Deposit from £2,000
Student Account
When you are at university being in control of your finances should be as easy as possible. With books to buy, fees, travel costs and living expenses, juggling your finances should the last thing on your mind.
Vision Tax Exempt Savings Plan
Did you know the government gives you a tax exempt savings allowance in addition to your ISA allowance? If you’re a UK resident aged between 16 and 74 you can save £25 a month into a plan like Vision.