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Business overdraft

All businesses need to be flexible, so it’s good to be ready for the unexpected. An overdraft will make sure that extra funds are available when you need them.
-Be ready for the unexpected.
-Only pay interest on the funds you use.
-Borrow an amount to suit you.
-We will meet every reasonable request for competitive commercially-priced finance (whether short-term or long-term) from viable business customers.
-We will not change the availability of overdrafts during the period of a customer’s agreement, as long as their accounts are kept within agreed terms and limits.
-We will do our best to support any viable business through temporary difficulties and into the recovery.
Interest Rate
Arrangement Fee- Up to 1.5%
To apply online for a business overdraft from Lloyds TSB you will need to confirm the following:

-you are a sole trader, partner, or director
-you are aged 18 or over
-you require the finance for business use.
Supporting Documents
Before you apply you will need to have the following information available:

-how much you would like to borrow
-the purpose of the finance
-how many months you would like to --make the repayments over.


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