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Allied Irish Bank (GB)

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Direct Debit Collection

How Direct Debit works:
Your customer signs an instruction to their bank or Building Society giving you (as the Bacs Service User) the authority to collect varying amounts from their account as long as you have given the customer advance notice of the collection and also advise them of any future changes.

-Direct Debiting provides greater control over the date of receipt of funds and the crediting of these funds to the business bank account.
-Reduced administration costs and bank charges.
-Increased customer loyalty. Direct Debit customers may be less likely to switch suppliers.

-A simple, safe and convenient banking service, which enables your customers to have their accounts settled as and when they fall due.
-No need to arrange cheques.
-Large one-off payments can be spread over fixed periods of time, facilitating cashflow management.
-Reduced administration costs and bank charges.
-No need to queue at the Post Office or Bank.
-Queries will be resolved quickly and easily by the Payer's Bank, which will make an immediate refund under the Direct Debit Guarantee.

--Business customers who have been approved and sponsored as Bacs Service users under the Direct Debit Scheme.


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