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State Bank of India

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Money Transfer

Your money transfers are in good hands with India's largest banking network.

The indicative rates are for the remittances up to £15,000 only, please check the rate from your branch for higher amounts.

Our charges are competitive. There are no charges for rupee remittance to India for the individual account holders of SBI, UK, if they maintain a minimum balance and do the remittance from their account. Click here for charges.

Large network of SBI branches in India: SBI has more than 14000 branches where the credit can be afforded within one business day after we receive your funds.

Large network of ATMs in India: With more than 22000 SBI ATMs in India.

If your Bank account is with a Bank other than SBI and has an IFSC code the amount will reach your account within 2-3 business days of your funds reaching us.

SBI Money Transfer 24/7 through SBI internet banking is the ideal product for you to remit amount in Indian Rupees to India. Your remittances can also be made by way of a draft on any of SBI branches. We also do money transfers/remittances in Sterling and USD.

You can also do money transfers to Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka using SBI Remittance Service.

There are various payment options to choose from. For further details, see Remittance Methods.


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