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7-Day Notice Account
If you're looking for higher rates of return and don't mind giving notice before making withdrawals, then our notice accounts could be just what you need.
Business Current Account
At BEA, we believe that establishing a personal relationship with our customers is the key to a successful business partnership. That’s why we provide all of our customers with a dedicated business manager whose role is to:
Call Deposit Account
A Call Deposit Account offers you the opportunity to earn even higher interest rates. This type of account is especially useful if you have money to invest, but prefer to have instant access to your funds.
Cash ISA
If you would like to take advantage of tax-free savings, our Cash ISA is the ideal account for you. With the Cash ISA, you can start with as little as £10 and protect your interest income from tax. Make regular deposits or a single lump-sum up to the Cash ISA subscription as specified by the HM Revenue & Customs eac...
Children's Account
We offer children's accounts that are specifically designed for our young savers to help them learn the basics of money management. The accounts are customised in such a way that only basic features are offered to our younger savers. However, as they grow and become more financially independent, their account featur...
Fixed Deposit Account
If you have money to set aside and are interested in higher returns, our Fixed Deposit Account may be the right choice for you. Our Fixed Deposit Account gives you a fixed rate of interest on your money for a defined period. That means you will always know exactly what returns you will receive, regardless of any cha...
Personal Current Account
Our Personal Current Account provides all the banking support you need on a day-to-day basis. While enabling you to effectively manage your personal finances, our Personal Current Account also offers you interest and a wide range of free banking services.
Savings Account
If you are looking for a straightforward way to save money and earn interest without the need to tie up your money for any length of time, our Savings Account is the ideal choice.