Citibank International PLC

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Citibank Plus Current Account
-Designed for customers who need simple, cost effective solutions to managing their money at home in the UK as well as overseas, the Citibank Plus Current Account offers an amazing level of simplicity and efficiency, coupled with great customer service wherever you are.
Citibank Reward Saver (Issue 3)
-1.83% gross p.a. variable (including a variable bonus rate) for the first 6 months, 1.32% AER variable. -After 6 months enjoy a competitive underlying variable rate of 0.80% AER (0.80% gross p.a. variable). -Designed for long-term savers - please note that no interest will be paid on your account balance during a...
Citigold Current Account
Citigold is more than a current account, it's a personal banking service offering an exceptional level of customer service and recognition worldwide so wherever you are, Citibank will be with you
Flexible Saver Account Issue 9
-With our great offer, new Citibank customers can earn an introductory rate of 1.00% gross p.a. variable, 1.00% AER variable (including a 12 month fixed bonus rate of 0.50% gross p.a.). -All customers can earn the underlying variable rate of 0.50% AER/gross p.a. variable. -You can save from just £1 up to £1 millio...