Ahli United Bank (UK) PLC

Ahli United Bank PLC

Phone: (44) 20 7487 6500
Fax: (44) 20 7487 6808
Email: info.aubuk@ahliunited.com
Advantage Account
-A current account offering all the standard banking facilities, for people who do not need a cheque book. -A free ATM debit card that allows you to withdraw cash and make purchases around the world. -Free internet banking through MyE-Bank -Current accounts are available for Bahrainis and expatriates alike. Jus...
Mysmart Account
MySmart allows you to enjoy the benefit of high interest rates on your call deposits whilst allowing you the flexibility of withdrawing part of your deposit amount without any interest penalties. This way you can ensure that your surplus funds earn interest rates whilst being easily accessible at all times. You can ...
Savings Account
When you save with Ahli United Bank, your money is in good hands. You benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience we have gained over the years in looking after our customers’ needs.