Hinkley and Rugby Building Society

Hinkley and Rugby Building Society

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Children’s Accounts

Children’s Accounts
Interest Rate
2.25% AER
Minimum Balance
-It may only be on special occasions like birthdays or at Christmas when you have a little extra to put away. Or maybe you want to put just a little aside from your pocket money every now and then.

With our Starter 4 Ten Children’s Saver Account you can pay in as little or as much as you like, when you like, up to a maximum of £10,000. Just pay your money in and watch it grow.

And if you want to take some, or all, of your money out, that’s not a problem either, just pop into one of our branches or agencies and bring your passbook. It’s really that simple.

The minimum investment is £10 and the maximum investment is £10,000.


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