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Young Saver Account

Perfect for parents, grandparents and guardians to help children save for the future.
Interest Rate
-Can be opened in the name of a parent, grandparent or guardian
-Interest is payable from the date of receipt of all deposits
-Minimum balance £1
-When the young person reaches the age of 12 the account can be in their own name with parental approval
-Deposits can be made by standing order, post or internet banking at any time
-Withdrawals are instructed by post and can be payable to the account holder or a third party
-Withdrawals of up to £12,000 are permitted in any 35-day period
Withdrawals of over £12,000 require 35 days notice
-Interest is credited on 31st December annually
-A statement will be issued every three months
-Available to Personal customers only


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