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120 Day Notice Account

The 120 Day Notice Account is a Sharia compliant account, available to anyone over the age of 16. Once the account is open, it offers you the flexibility to make ongoing deposits of any amount, however small.
Minimum Balance

-Expected profit rate of 1.80% (gross p.a.)*
-Minimum opening balance of £500
-You can manage this account online. You can find out more about online banking by following this link
-Alternatively, you can manage this account by telephone, post or by visiting a branch
-Make incremental deposits regardless of how big or small, whilst getting regular target returns on your savings
-Give 120 days' notice if you wish to make a withdrawal, and your funds will be available online, through the post or via one of our branches
-Sharia compliant return on your savings

-Expected profit rate applies to new customers only. For existing customers, the expected profit rate will be 2.00% up to and including March 31st 2013.


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