Ecology Building Society

Ecology Building Society

Phone: +44 (0)845 674 5566, +44 (0)1535 650 770
Fax: +44 (0)1535 650 780

Our 60 day notice account

-Our 60 day notice account offers tiered interest rates (the more you save, the greater the interest), flexible ways to manage your account, and a monthly savings option for regular deposits.

-We pride ourselves in treating all members fairly and providing a personal and friendly service. We'll keep you posted on the projects we're funding and new developments in the green building community, and as a member you'll get a say in how we're run.

-Best of all, you get the reassurance of knowing that your money is invested only in projects and properties that work for the good of people and the planet.
Interest Rate
£500 - £2,499
-Open an account with a minimum of £500
-Maximum investment £125,000
-Penalty-free access with 60 days notice, or access without notice, with the loss of 60 days interest
-Interest is paid net, unless you are eligible for gross interest (you will need to complete and send us an HM Revenue & Customs form R85)
-Operation by first class freepost or, subject to special terms and conditions, online
-Individual customer service from our head office
-Your money is only used to support properties and projects that benefit the environment


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