National Westminster Bank

National Westminster Bank Plc

Phone: +44 8705 888 444, +44 118 963 9696, +44 8705 11 4477

Basic Account

Their most basic bank account
-No cheque book or overdraft
-Cash Withdrawals
-Bill payment facilities
-Choose how to manage your money
-Award-winning online banking
current account
Fast hassle-free account opening.They may be able to open your account without the need for you to visit a branch or send them documents.

It may help if you have to hand:

-a debit or credit card
(a valid UK Visa Card or MasterCard)
-a UK driv
No cheque book or overdraft
Cash Withdrawals - withdraw up to £300 a day from any NatWest, RBS or Ulster Bank cash machine in the UK (Remember, cash machines in many supermarkets including Tesco and Morrisons are NatWest & RBS branded), or at any UK Post Office counter. Use our cash machine locator tool to find the nearest one to you.
Bill payment facilities - set-up Direct Debit and standing order payments.
Choose how to manage your money – online, by phone or by mobile - we have mobile banking apps for iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry.
Award-winning online banking – Your Money Direct award, Best Online Banking Provider 2011


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