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Currency Treasury Deposit Account

To open a business deposit account you’ll need US$50,000 (or the equivalent in your chosen currency) that you can lock away for an agreed period to get a guaranteed return.
-Deposit your business funds for a fixed term, ranging from one day to five years, to suit your individual business requirements (withdrawals can’t be made during the term of the deposit)
-Available in most currencies (the minimum balance requirement varies according to the term of the deposit). Speak to your Barclays Business Manager for details
-The interest rate is fixed for the term of the deposit so you’re protected from adverse movements in currency interest rates
-You can reduce exchange risk and administration using this product to match incoming and outgoing currency funds
-Tailor a package to meet your individual business or personal needs, whether your priority is a guaranteed return or protection against exchange risk
-Attractive fixed rates of return linked to the London euro-currency markets
-Reduced exchange rate risk and administration
-For sums of US$50,000 (or equivalent) or over – no maximum on your balance (details of minimum balances for currencies are available on request)
-Choice of fixed periods from one day to five years


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