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18 Month Flexible Bond Issue 8

-A fixed rate of interest for the term of the bond
-Earn 2.25% AER / gross pa (Balances £1 to £49,999)
-Earn 2.75% AER / gross pa (Balances £50,000 to £1 million)
-Withdrawals may take the balance into the lower tier
-Interest can be paid monthly or at the end of the term
-Open from £1 to £1 million – no additional deposits are allowed
Interest Rate
-Monthly interest: one month after the date the Flexible Bond is opened and then monthly;
-Annual interest: one year after the date the Flexible Bond is opened and then annually; and
-End of Term interest: on the specified maturity date.
-The Flexible Bond is available for a fixed term to personal investors aged 18 years or over (in sole or joint names), who are UK residents and to trustees of personal funds.
-Each Flexible Bond issue will be limited and is therefore subject to availabil


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