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2 Year Fixed Rate Bond (37 th Issue)

Interest Rate
Gross Rate p.a. : 2.10%*
Net Rate p.a. : 1.68%**
AER : 2.10%
Term : 2 Years***
1. Interest accrues on a daily basis and will be paid on each anniversary of
the Account being opened until maturity.
2. The Gross interest rate will be fixed at the above figure at the outset of the
Bond and continue at that rate until maturity.
3. Full or partial encashments are not permitted. (In the event of the death of
an account holder different rules will apply – please see supplemental Fixed
Rate Bond Terms & Conditions).
4. The Account can only be opened using cleared funds. In the event a
cheque is used for the initial deposit, it will need to be presented and paid by
the paying bank before the bond/account can commence.
5. If the Account is closed before maturity no interest will be paid. Any
interest credited on the first anniversary will be deducted from the balance
6. The period of deposit is two years.
7. Weatherbys Bank Limited reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions
of the account, other than the interest rate, subject to giving 30 days notice in
8. The Bond is only available to private investors.


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