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Offset mortgages

If you have savings, why not take advantage of them? Linking your savings or current account to your mortgage could save you thousands of pounds in mortgage interest or reduce your mortgage term. You can still access your savings when you need to – but you won’t pay tax on them as they won’t be earning interest.
-Use the offset benefit to reduce your monthly mortgage repayments or the term of your mortgage
-Only pay interest on the difference between your mortgage amount and the balances in your linked offset current, savings and ISA accounts
-Keep instant access to your savings and your historical tax-free ISA allowance
-Cash ISA accounts can be offset against a Woolwich offset mortgage – it could be ideal if you want to transfer in cash ISA balances to offset against your mortgage.
-Even though your current and savings accounts don't earn interest, they do reduce what you pay on your mortgage – you won't pay tax on your savings because it's not earning any interest
-Overpay as much as you like, whenever you are able (early repayment charges may apply on full redemption of your mortgage)
--Offset up to 12 eligible Barclays accounts for your different savings needs and use them all to reduce your mortgage payments or mortgage term
-Manage your mortgage online and make transfers when it suits you
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