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Danske Cash ISA

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) allow your savings to grow tax efficiently through a wide range of investments to suit different needs.
We currently offer the Danske Cash ISA. We also offer a junior cash ISA.
Age must 16 or over.
Resident in the UK for tax purposes to save in a Danske Cash ISA (other terms and conditions apply)
If you are saving for a particular reason or simply to provide a nest egg for your future, a Danske Cash ISA can help you make more from the money you save.

ISA Subscription limits for tax year 6 April 2013 to 5 April 2014

For anyone eligible to invest in an ISA, the overall annual subscription limit is £11,520.

Subject to this overall limit, you can subscribe to each type of ISA up to the limits laid out below:

cash ISA £5,760
stocks and shares ISA £11,520

ISA annual subscription limits are reviewed annually by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and are based on the Consumer Price Index.

We no longer offer the Danske Stocks and Shares ISA to new customers, however our Financial Planners can provide you with professional advice on a third party stocks and shares ISA. Existing Danske Stocks and Shares ISA customers can continue to subscribe to or withdraw from their existing Danske Stocks and Shares ISA.

Key Features

It helps you to maximise your tax efficient savings through cash deposits
Any interest you earn is free from tax and you do not have to declare your Danske Cash ISA on your tax return
Tiered interest rates enable you to earn more as you save more
Instant access to your account - just telephone your branch, call at your branch or use our eBanking service (eBanking may be temporarily unavailable when we are carrying out routine maintenance)
You can save by way of a lump sum and/or regular savings
You can make withdrawals in whole or in part at anytime
You must be aged 16 or over and resident in the UK for tax purposes to save in a Danske Cash ISA (other terms and conditions apply)

Please click here to read the key features and terms and conditions for this product.

Risk Factors

The rate of interest is variable and is subject to change in the future. Tax rules and tax levels may change in the future including the favourable treatment of ISAs.

Switching your cash ISA to us

You can transfer money you have already saved in a cash ISA with another ISA Manager to a Danske Cash ISA
Regardless of whether you are transferring current year’s subscriptions, previous years’ subscriptions, or both to us, we will pay interest on the full amount to be transferred as soon as we receive your application. This is provided that the funds are free to move and not tied up in a fixed-term or notice account
No maximum limits on the amount that can be transferred from another cash ISA with another provider
We follow the industry Transferring your Cash ISA guidelines which outline a typical cash ISA to cash ISA transfer process and indicative timescales. Danske Bank participates in a new industry electronic ISA transfer service. Where your old ISA provider is also a partcipant, your transfer may complete within much shorter timescales


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