Adam and Company

Adam and Company PLC

Bridging Loan
Extra finance when you move home.
Currency Mortgage
Reducing your currency exchange risk. Variable repayments and the option to overpay or make lump sum payments whenever you like.
Fixed Rate Loan
Fixed repayments, so you’re in control. If you prefer the certainty of the same repayments every month, a fixed rate loan could be right for you. They will provide you with a tailored rate of interest on your fixed rate loan – linked to the loan term and the amount you want to borrow
Fixed Rate Mortgage
Finance for when you move home. Remove the worry of interest rate rises with fixed repayments over an agreed term.
Variable Rate Loan
Borrowing linked to current interest rates. A variable rate loan means the interest you pay is linked to the current Bank of England interest base rate. So if interest rates fall, so will your repayments. Similarly, if interest rates increase, your regular repayments will also rise.
Variable Rate Mortgage
Your repayments can be capital andopinterest, interest only, or a combination of both. If you prefer, they can arrange part of your loan on their variable rate and the balance as a Fixed-Rate Mortgage.