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Instant Access Escalator Account

The Escalator account is a straight-forward account suitable for a wide range of savings, offering total flexibility by enabling you to pay in and withdraw money when you wish without penalties!
Interest Rate
£10,000+ - 0.50 AER%
£100 - £9,999 - 0.25 AER%
Minimum Balance
£100 +
How much can I save?
You only need £100 to open an Escalator account. The minimum investment level must be maintained for the account to remain open.

To help your savings grow faster the rates are tiered - so the more you save, the more you earn! As you move through the tiers you will automatically earn the higher rate of interest on all of your savings.

You will be surprised how quickly your balance grows. Half the pleasure in saving is looking forward to spending the money, whether it is a deposit on a house, a new kitchen or car, or a gift for someone special.

A passbook will give you a record of the transactions that you have carried out. Please present it every time you pay into your account or make a withdrawal.
How is interest paid?
Interest rates are variable. Interest builds up on the daily balance and is then added to your account on or about 31 December. If you prefer, interest can be paid to another Society account or direct to an account you hold with another institution. Interest will be paid net of income tax at the rate required by law, or subject to the required certification, gross.

Full information on how you can receive interest without tax being deducted is available on request.
Paying money in
Money can be added to your account by any of the following methods:

Cash (up to £3,000 per day) or cheques can be paid in over the counter
You can ask your bank to arrange a direct transfer once your account has been opened
You may also pay cheques into your account by post

Our Freepost address is: Harpenden Building Society, FREEPOST SB165, Harpenden, AL5 4BR

When making cheques payable to Harpenden Building Society you should also include the name of the person(s) into whose account the money is being paid (e.g. Harpenden Building Society - Account holder's name).

If you are paying cheques into your account they will take six working days to clear from the day after receipt. You will also earn interest from the day after receipt.
Taking money out
You can make withdrawals from your account instantly and without penalty. You can withdraw up to £500 in cash per day over the counter or a maximum of £10,000 by cheque per day.

If you would like a cheque for a larger amount, please let us know in advance as special arrangements may need to be made.


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