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Offset Mortgage

-The chances are, you are paying a higher rate of interest on your mortgage than you are earning on the money in your current account and savings account. Our Offset Mortgage can turn this into your advantage.
-By offsetting the balances in your linked Current Account and/or Savings account against your mortgage, you will pay interest on the difference. Instead of earning interest on your money, you will pay less interest on your mortgage.
By offsetting balances in your linked Current Account and/or Savings Account against your Offset Mortgage, you could save money and repay your mortgage sooner.
Loan Amount
Interest Rate
up to 75% -1.05% -3.44% -3.8% APR
An arrangement fee of £795 applies. This can be paid at the time of application or added to your mortgage account .

-will pay interest calculated daily
-will not be obliged to arrange insurances with the Society
-can make overpayments (when you have cash to spare)
-can make underpayments and take payment holidays (where you have made sufficient overpayments)
-will have to pay an early-repayment charge of 2% of the amount repaid if you repay your mortgage in full within two years from completion


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