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3 Year SVR Tracker

-Your interest rate tracks the Society's standard variable mortgage rate (SVR), currently 4.49%, less the agreed discount for the first 3 years, followed by the Society's standard variable mortgage rate (SVR) until the end of the mortgage.
Loan Amount
Maximum loan size is £500,000
Interest Rate
Up to 60% -2.00% -2.49% -4.49% -4.2% APR
60.1 to 75% -1.85% -2.64% -4.49% -4.2% APR
75.1 to 85% -1.05% -3.44% -4.49% -4.4% APR
An arrangement fee of £495 applies. This can be paid on application or added to your mortgage account.

-can repay lump sums without any early repayment charge (up to 10% per annum each financial year (1 April - 31 March) of the outstanding balance as at 1 April each year) - full details will be found in your KFI and mortgage offer
-will have to pay an early-repayment charge of 2.5% of the amount repaid if you repay all or part of your mortgage within the first 3 years
-will pay interest calculated daily
-will not be obliged to arrange insurances with the Society
-can move home and move your special offer without having to pay any early repayment charge if you apply and are eligible for a new residential mortgage with us
-will receive £100 Cashback if you have a Cumberland current account or switch your main current account to the Cumberland (conditions apply - please see below)
-To qualify, you must have your main current account with the Cumberland and have funded this with a minimum of £750 per month for the 3 successive months prior to your application. The £100 will be credited to your Cumberland current account shortly after your mortgage has been completed.


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