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1 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA

If you are looking to invest a lump sum then our Fixed Rate Cash ISA offers a tax-free interest rate that won't change during your term.

Everyone aged 16 or over can save up to £5,640 tax-free in a cash ISA with one provider, in the 2012/13 tax year. You don’t pay tax with a cash ISA, all the interest you earn, you keep.
-Enjoy a fixed tax-free rate of interest during the term of your account.
-Open your account, in branch, with as little as £100.
-You can transfer in any funds from your existing cash ISAs and as part of our Savings Promises, you’ll start earning interest as soon as we receive your application (provided that your funds are free to move and not subject to any notice period).
-You can only pay in a one off lump sum payment.

-Rates are fixed.
-Interest is calculated daily and paid on maturity to the account.
-Once the ISA is open there can be no further deposits allowed, even if you haven’t used your current tax year ISA allowance.
-Partial withdrawals are not permitted during the fixed term.
-Early closure will incur 60 days’ loss of interest. If the interest charge is greater than the interest accrued on the account then we will take fee from the capital balance.
-Maximum 1 account holder, minimum age 16.
-This product is a limited issue and may be withdrawn without notice.

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