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4 Year Fixed Rate Bond - Issue 6

Lock up your money for 4 years and we’ll guarantee the rate. We guarantee to pay this rate for the full 4 years of the fixed rate bond. If you don’t need to dip into your investment, then you can earn 2.55% GROSS, 2.55% AER, 2.04% NET over the next 4 years.
Interest Rate
2.55% GROSS 2.55% AER 2.04% NET
Applicants age must be 18 or over.
The account is only available to individuals who are permanently resident in the UK.

>You can invest any amount from £5,000 to a maximum of £2,000,000.

>Deposits are allowed up to the maximum account balance while the product is available.

>We can pay the interest into this account and we’ll pay it GROSS or NET – whichever fits your tax status.

>You can’t get any of your money out until the fixed term is up (often called maturity).

>Please note that if we withdraw this product you will not be notified in writing.


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