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Company and Club Account

For charities, sports and social clubs, corporate deposits, pensions or solicitor client accounts, this account is suitable for a wide range of organisations.
Minimum Balance
Open with just £1 (The exception is Corporate deposits, where the minimum is £10,000).
Deposit by cash, cheque or transfer from another bank or Society account.
Should you require access to your funds during the term you can do so immediately and without penalty.
Access via one of our branches or by post.
Your interest can be paid gross with no tax deducted for certain types of deposit accounts (please ask for details).
Maximum balance of £1,000,000 (£2,000,000 for joint accounts).
Banking is free for all accounts, with the exception of the Corporate Deposit account (in this case, if the cleared balance on your account is less than £20,000 you are allowed 20 free cheque receipts and 10 free cheque withdrawals a month. If this is exceeded, there is a charge of 75p per transaction).
If your account falls below the minimum balance amount, you will earn a fixed rate of 0.05% gross p.a./AER* whilst the account is below the minimum balance.


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