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12 Month Fixed Rate Members' Regular Saver (Issue 2)

A great rate of interest, with the convenience of regular saving and immediate access to your funds without penalty.
Interest Rate
4.00% AER
Minimum Balance
Available to all customers in branch for a limited time only or to Saffron Building Society members and their families via post.
Open with just £10 by post or in one of our branches.
12 monthly payments of up to £200 are permitted until the end of the term.
Deposit by cash, cheque or transfer from another bank or Society account.
Should you require access to your funds during the term you can do so immediately and without penalty.
Your interest will be paid at maturity.
Shortly before the end of the 12 month term, we'll get in touch to ask what you would like to do with your funds.
If we do not receive any instructions from you prior to maturity, your account will automatically switch to a variable rate Loyalty Cashbuild account
There are no age limits for this account. However, for children under seven years old, a parent or guardian must act as a signatory on the account and the applicant must complete a Young Savers application form.
You may only have one Regular Saver at a time (includes all issues). Joint accounts are permitted.
The minimum balance for this account is £10.
If your account falls below the minimum balance amount, you will earn a fixed rate of 0.05% gross p.a./AER* whilst the account is below the minimum balance.


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